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We have a great range of stylish maternity sports bras for any activity.

From pregnancy to breastfeeding, our maternity sports bras will keep you feeling comfortable and supported while exercising. For mothers that want to stay fit and active, say goodbye to attempting to feed through a normal sports bra, or wearing old maternity bras that provide very little support and making do with a crop over top.

Why choose a maternity sports bra from Cadenshae?

Our maternity sports bras are specially designed for your changing body through pregnancy and feeding. All of them have clips that enable the front panel to fold down so you can easily breastfeed whenever or wherever you need to. We all have different shaped bodies and lead different lives, that’s exactly why we have a wide range of maternity sports bras to accommodate the different needs in every mom’s lifestyle. Inside our extensive range, you'll find something for your own unique needs.

  • Assorted size and types of straps.
  • Fashionable designs and prints unique to Cadenshae.
  • Padding to provide extra comfort, support and to prevent leaks.
  • Ability to be adjusted depending on how much support you want.
  • Fabrics used to construct our maternity sports bras are good for use in summer, winter, swimming or sleeping and more.
  • Various support structures and moulding around the bust to accommodate different workout requirements and lifestyles as a mother.
  • Wireless maternity sports bras.

Whether it’s high impact, low impact or everyday activities as a mom, Cadenshae has you covered. 

Nursing Sports Bra FAQs.

1. How do nursing sports bras work?

A nursing sports bra has all of the features of a normal sports bra with the addition of pop clips that enable the front panel of the cups to fold down so you can easily breastfeed. Nursing sports bras also come in compression or encapsulating styles, can be padded and have wider more comfortable straps and band to help disperse the weight of your breasts more effectively than other bras.

2. Are nursing sports bras more comfortable than normal nursing bras?

Yes. The fabric used in nursing sports bras is sturdier, more comfortable and durable. Most normal nursing bras are made of lace and are quite often, plain. Nursing sports bras also cover more of the bust and are designed to hold and support the breasts a lot more to minimise any movement. They are also extremely adjustable so if you’re exercising you can shorten or lengthen the straps depending on how much support you want for the specific exercise you're doing. Whereas a normal nursing bra will hold your breasts with minimal support.

3. Are nursing sports bras good for pregnancy?

Yes definitely. Nursing sports bras are designed to be stretchy and supportive so they grow with you throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. They also don't have underwire and are constructed to provide maximum comfort and support, to prevent sensitive breasts from too much movement.

4. Can a nursing sports bra decrease milk supply?

No, a nursing sports bra won’t decrease your milk supply. If you’re wearing your nursing sports bra because you're running or working out excessively too soon after giving birth then you could possibly have a diminished milk supply due to overdoing it.

5. Are nursing sports bras necessary?

If you want to do any kind of exercise during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or even if you have got other children that you've got to run after then a nursing sports bra that caters for your specific requirements is essential in making mom life that easier and more enjoyable.

Not to mention that when you're breastfeeding, your breasts are much heavier, so a lot of mums that don't necessarily plan on exercising are looking for another level of comfort and support which nursing sports bras provide. They don’t dig in, offer optimal support for any type of exercise or lifestyle activity and the all-around comfort can not be beaten.

6. How long do nursing sports bras last?

With nursing sports bras because the fabrics are designed to be durable, they retain their stretch for a long time. Therefore, some moms wear them through multiple pregnancies. Due to how nursing sports bras are designed and what they are constructed of, they last much longer than normal nursing bras.

7. Can you use a nursing sports bra as a breast pump bra?

Yes, we have now developed a nursing and hands-free pumping sports bra that suits all standard breast pumps. The specially designed fabric lining allows the pump to stay securely in place for efficient hands-free pumping. 

8. How many nursing sports bras do I need?

It is advisable to wash your nursing sports bra after each wear if you have been exercising or working out, so most mothers require three nursing sports bras at a time. That way you always have a fresh one on hand for breastfeeding. However, if you like to wear low impact nursing sports bras all day, every day and exercise regularly requiring medium or high impact nursing sports bras, then you may want more than three. It really comes down to your personal preference and personal needs.


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