Why our FiT2FEED Activewear Bra is a must-have item


GETTING BACK INTO EXERCISE after the birth of your baby can be one very daunting idea. Add to the fact, you have a new life to take care of, a new body to adapt to and a feeling that, with every step, you might just fall out of yourself. The good news is, that after a few weeks you do start to feel somewhat normal again and you do actually get to the point where you don't even think twice before sitting down.

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The norm these days is to wait until 6 weeks before resuming gentle exercise. Everyone is so different, some women may start earlier and some may take a few months. Just keep in mind that you are you and not the last woman that just gave birth. You need to listen to YOUR body and do what feels right for YOU.

After the birth of my first child, I was back doing burpees, man makers,  rowing and just about anything after just two weeks. The thought of doing ANY of that at 3 weeks post the second baby is scaring the SHIT out of me.  But at some point, before I know it, I will be kitting up with my new shoes I bought for myself as a 'having a baby' present, pulling on the tights, gearing up in my FiT2FEED bra and psyching myself up to get a sweat on in some way shape or form.

I remember this point after the first baby and just literally sitting on my bed with my entire bra drawer emptied onto it, thinking What the F*@K am I supposed to wear? How the hell am I going to get my girls out of that?

I remember how much of a barrier it was not having something to wear that was functional for both exercising in and feeding. I didn't let it be an excuse but my word it could so easily have been one.

Needless to say ever since that day my FiT2FEED Activewear bra has been my absolute best friend. I love it with all my heart. It has enabled me to get my butt moving when I was looking for every excuse not to.  It's sexy, bright, fun colours made me feel alive and fresh when all my other clothes were merely dull, spewed covered pieces of fabric.  It made me get off the couch, it made me excited to get dressed for my workout and most importantly it inspired me to GET MOVING. We hope it does the same for you.

Choose your favorite color and workout in style and feed in ease. Start now

Written by Nikki Clarke.


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