Why Our Fit2Feed Activewear Bra Is a Must-Have Item.

Why Our Fit2Feed Activewear Bra Is a Must-Have Item.
Nikki C is wearing the 'Fit2Feed Bra' in stripe.

Getting back into exercise after the birth of your baby can be very daunting.

Not only has your body gone through one of the toughest physical feats it will ever have to endure, but you now also have a new life to take care of, a new body to adapt to and a feeling that with every step, you might just fall out of yourself!

The good news is after a few weeks you DO start to feel somewhat normal and you WILL get to the point where you don't even think twice before sitting down! I promise!

Most women are required to wait until six weeks postpartum before resuming gentle exercise. However, everyone is different and some women may start earlier that, while others will take a good few months before feeling brave enough to put their gym shoes on again! Just remember that every woman's birth, and every woman's body is unique, no two are the same. You may take longer than some of the women in your coffee group to get back into exercise, but don't compare yourself to others! You've all been through different experiences, and in different bodies...you simply can't judge apples with oranges!

You need to listen to YOUR body and do what feels right for YOU.

After the birth of my first child, I was back doing 'burpees,' 'man makers,' rowing...everything I loved...and after just two weeks. But, flash forward to three weeks postpartum with my second baby, and there is NO WAY I'm even close to doing any of those things! But, I trust myself, and I know that at some point, I will be pulling on my tights, gearing up in my Fit2Feed bra and psyching myself up to get a sweat on in some way, shape or form. Bring it on!

Nikki C is wearing the 'Fit2Feed Bra' in stripe.

I remember after my first baby sitting on my bed with my entire bra drawer emptied onto it, thinking, 'what the heck am I supposed to wear to the gym?! How am I going to get my 'girls' out of this bra to feed my baby!'

I remember how much of a barrier it was not having something to wear that was functional for both exercising and feeding. This was how Cadenshae began actually, but that's a story for another day!

I want you to know that I became besties with my first Fit2Feed activewear bra the very day I got it! I love it with all my heart! This nursing sports bra enabled me to get my butt moving when I was looking for every excuse not to. It's sexy, practical, supportive, comfortable, fun...and it made me feel alive and fresh when all my other clothes were just dull, spew-covered pieces of fabric!

My Fit2Feed nursing sports bra motivated me get off the couch. It made me excited to get dressed for my workout. It truly inspired me to GET MOVING. I so hope it does the same for you.


Written by Nikki Clarke. 

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