Why is tummy support so important during pregnancy?

Why is tummy support so important during pregnancy?

Small bump, big bump; showing straight away or only showing in the third trimester - pregnancy is a different journey for every mum. One thing that’s never different though is the need for proper tummy support.

Regardless of the size or shape of ‘bump,’ understanding how to best support it will keep you comfy and confident.


1, Movement & Exercise

Whether you’re weight-lifting at eight months or pounding the pavement before and after birth, your body will always thank you for it, but it’s essential you do it as safely as possible. Just like you would your boobs by wearing a sports bra, you need to give that baby belly some support too.

By choosing the right shapewear you can form a supportive barrier around your tummy and back. By gently compressing your bump you give more support to your uterus and it makes movement easier and safer. Are maternity leggings worth it? Absolutely, if you intend to stay active during pregnancy and want supportive shapewear to do it comfortably.

“Gently compressing your bump gives more support to your uterus and makes movement easier and safer.”

2, Posture

We all know that our body changes hugely in the third trimester. Extra pressure gets put on the back and shoulders because of the increased weight distribution to the belly.

A lot of mums succumb to this and lean out from their lower back in an attempt to balance. This is generally uncomfortable and, of course, can lead to long term problems with your lower back.

To combat this you should really invest in maternity support-wear which prompts you into standing and moving correctly and ensure this forms a key part of your wardrobe. Products with additional support for tummy and back areas like our classic leggings provide uplift for your abdomen and added strength for your leg muscles.


3, Pain

The majority of us will end up speaking to our doctors or midwives about some form of muscle, joint or back pain during pregnancy. Good tummy support can help alleviate or prevent these typical aches and pains.

Sacroiliac joint pain is common among pregnant women and can be located in the back and hips due to new strain levels on the joints. Better supporting the body using maternity shape-wear is a good preventative and warm baths can be used to ease the pain.

Round ligament pain can appear in the form of a sharp jabbing feeling in the lower tummy or groin. The round ligament connects the front of your womb to the groin and often becomes strained later in pregnancy. Giving a helping hand to your bump and easing the pressure on this ligament throughout pregnancy will help reduce straining and pain.  


4, Confidence

Everyday tasks like reaching to a top shelf, carrying your work bag, picking up and holding older children or even extra shopping become more challenging as your bump grows.

First-time mums especially are more inclined to over-think any stresses and strains put on their bodies, which can lead to anxiety or avoiding tasks.  

“Feel ready to lift, lean, reach and crouch with confidence”

We’ve found that having additional support around your bump, back and legs providing uplift and compression helps in two ways. Firstly, by giving a feeling of security that there is a protective barrier around your bump. And secondly, by making movement feel more supported so you feel ready to lift, lean, reach and crouch with confidence.

5, Post pregnancy

Finally meeting bub makes the pains and strains so worth it but it’s important at this time to still care for your body while it heals. Your muscles and ligaments which were stretched during pregnancy will be fixing themselves and your core strength will be vastly reduced.

Continue wearing maternity support-wear while you are bouncing back. Something that provides extra support for your abdomen and back will be vital while you’re caring for your little one.

The most important thing is that you are happy and healthy during these first weeks and months, so don’t forget to think about your well being - however hard that may feel at the time!


It’s so good to see that maternity shapewear is changing the way women can enjoy their pregnancy with more freedom and confidence.

Find out more about how your body changes during pregnancy and shop our classic leggings to support your bump during and after pregnancy.

Written by Nikki Clarke.



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