15 OTHER Ways To Wear Your Cadenshae!

15 OTHER Ways To Wear Your Cadenshae!
In both photos, Ellen is wearing the 'Bliss Seamless Leggings.' On the right, Ellen is wearing a 'Rise Up Tank' and the 'Kiardi' in stone.

I don’t know about you, but when I get pregnant, I blow up…pack on the pounds and go way outside the ‘recommended’ weight gain charts. BUT…I grew perfectly healthy babies, and I was healthy too…so whatever…cupcakes anyone?

Why am I telling you this? Because when I was first pregnant, I found myself wearing the same thing over and over again, this was for a few reasons:

1. I wasn’t one of those tiny women who just had a bump. ‘Oh you’re all belly!’ ‘You don’t even look pregnant!’ I never got those comments! I was belly, I was arms, I was bum, I was boobs, I was everythiiiinnng! So, I didn’t fit 80% of my pre-pregnancy clothes, it just wasn’t a happening thing...thus my wardrobe options shrank significantly.

2. I knew my bigger size was temporary (well I hoped!) so I didn’t purchase much in the way of maternity clothing. I felt it was a waste to go overboard when I wouldn’t be wearing it for long. I’m no Oprah...$$$.

3. At the time, I worked for a company that had a uniform, so they gave me clothing a few sizes up – easy. I didn’t have to buy a whole new ‘work wardrobe.’ That was good for the bank account...but again, resulted in even less overall outfit options.

4. I hadn’t discovered Cadenshae yet. Blatant plug, but it’s hand on heart true. There were some 'nice' maternity pieces out there, but a lot of it was pretty ugly. I simply wasn’t going to spend up large on ‘ugly.’ I’d rather wear the same few items I liked again and again than do ‘ugly.’ That’s just me.

By the time I got pregnant with my second son, Cadenshae was on my radar and I bought quite a few items! I’m now over two years postpartum (is that a thing?) and I still wear the same Cadenshae bras/tops/leggings/hoodies I bought whilst pregnant…and I’m now close (ish) to my pre-pregnancy size. Funny thing is, I’m not even breastfeeding, it’s just stylish, quality clothing that grows and shrinks with you, and you can’t even tell it’s ‘maternity wear.’ Score.

I basically live in activewear. It’s so comfy, it’s colourful and I like to work out a lot anyway, so...it’s practical. BUT of course, there are times when I can’t be seen in my work out clothes. Sometimes a girl has to put some lippy on, throw on a dress, do her hair and actually make a solid effort. Humph.

But then...my...whole...world...changed.

I found a way to wear activewear as 'casual wear' and even formal 'work attire!' BOOM.

Somehow, I managed to land a job at Cadenshae (woohoo!) and when I first came to the office, I noticed all the women were ROCKING Cadenshae gear (naturally, we get a good deal!) as casual wear/work attire, what the...! Mind-blowing.

Now, to be fair, the Cadenshae office is pretty chilled, it’s not like the Beehive, the White House or Pearson Specter Litt. Thongs are more commonplace than heels, but never-the-less, the girls looked smart, comfortable and stylish.

SO…long story short, I want to share these cross-over looks so you can get more wear and longevity out of your Cadenshae purchases...more bang for your buck! With Cadenshae you have the peace of mind knowing that if you buy something when you’re pregnant, you’ll be able to wear it long after you’ve given birth. How good?

Check out the combinations we've collated below for some fashion inspiration. Experiment with what you’ve already got in your wardrobe (we've deliberately worked with pieces we believe most women will have) to create some fresh and fabulous new looks!


1a and 1b. Team your favourite long winter coat (1a) OR Cadenshae Kiardi (1b) with the Cadenshae Bliss Seamless Leggings. Underneath you could sport a Cadenshae Long Sleeve Maternity Top, or even just a tank if you think you’ll be warm enough at work or wherever you're headed. Stylish flats or ankle length boots work perfectly with this look. You could also throw a scarf on for a ‘pop’ of colour. Done! 

2a and 2bGot a leather jacket you looooove? Try it with the Cadenshae Bliss Seamless Leggings (2a), or jeans (2b). Wear with a Cadenshae tank, put on some boots or flats and you're good to go! Too easy!

3. This combination is so simple, but so warm and stylish! Throw on a pair of jeans with the Cadenshae Kiardi and a Cadenshae tank. Team with ankle boots and a scarf for a 'casual smart' look you can rock to work or out for dinner. If you're after a more chilled vibe though, just wear sneaker flats! Ta-da!

4. Chuck on some ‘Chucks’ or something similar with your Cadenshae Classic Maternity Leggings - Full Length in black, your favourite Cadenshae tank or t-shirt and team with a denim or leather jacket (faux leather works just fine too)! Perhaps try a tank with a pop of colour to bring some ‘pizzazz’ to your day!

5. Keep warm, but 'cool' in your favourite cardigan or wrap jumper, and combine with a Cadenshae tank and the Cadenshae Classic Maternity Leggings - Full Length in black. For a more casual look, pop on some sneaker flats or gym shoes. For something a little more formal (like Nikki J has on here), wear with ankle length boots. Hot to trot!

6. Do your pantyhose rip easily and are never quite warm enough? Try Cadenshae’s Classic Maternity Leggings - Full Length in black (or even the Bliss Seamless Leggings) instead of pantyhose with your favourite winter dress! Feel the warmth! You could wear your favourite flats or ankle boots, and of course you could also put a Cadenshae Kiardi or a winter coat over top for when it gets super chilly out.

7. Have you got a cute, but simple dress you could throw a hoodie over to keep yourself cosy and warm? Any hoodie would do, but a Cadenshae one works beautifully too! 

8. It's the weekend, it's cold, you want to be comfy, but look good too right? Combine the Cadenshae Harem Pants in black or stone, with a tank/t-shirt and a hoodie (looks super cool around the waist like Nikki C has done here). Slip on your trainers or sneaker flats and bang - bring on the weekend's adventures!

9. Going out for brunch and a shop, but need to breastfeed? Throw on a Cadenshae tank, some jeans and your favourite cardigan or leather jacket. Wear some flats too...because who can be bothered shopping in heels with a baby in tow?!

10. Keeping casual but comfy with this one! Slip on the Classic Maternity Leggings - Full Length and wear with a jumper of your choice and maybe a warm vest if you have one?! Put your trainers, 'Chucks,' or sneaker flats on and you're away!


11. The weather is heating up, woohoo - time to show some skin! On those spring days when it's not quuuuite hot enough to wear shorts, sport a Cadenshae tank or t-shirt with some jeans. Wear with boots, sneaker flats or sandals...whatever works for you. A very easy, but pretty look! You could even rock side knot in the t-shirt or tank too for a little 'zhoosh!'

12. Those shorts you've owned for six years and still adore them? Grab 'em, shove a Cadenshae tank on, some sandals/thongs/sneaker flats and you’re off to the beach for a stroll. Throw on a cardigan of your choice to keep warm if needed. Hello sand, salt and sun!

13. Long skirts are so flattering, so comfortable and so effortless! Team one of your favourites with a Cadenshae tank and voilà, you're a little 'boho chic' without even trying!

14. This look is not only beautiful, but so practical! Often we wear skirts to events and have to chase after the kids, inevitably ending up on the floor for whatever reason...and if you're anything like me, you get a little worried you're showing a little too much! We’ve got the ultimate solution! Pull up a pair of Cadenshae High-Waisted Maternity Bike Shorts underneath your favourite flowing skirt, and team it with a Cadenshae tank. Gorgeous...and no more 'flashing' worries! Also, if you’re like me and have a few ‘wobbly’ bits you’re a teeny bit conscious of, these shorts will suck it all in and leave you feeling firm and confident. 

15. You can also do the High-Waisted Maternity Bike Shorts trick with a dress! Whoop, whoop! This is also SO good for when you have to breastfeed! You can just flick your dress up and feed the baby (if your dress isn't too tight up top) and no one can see your undies - you’re completely covered! How good? Seriously, how good?

Now, we don't claim to be in the same league as Anna Wintour, but we do love these 15 classy and easy outfits, utilizing what you already have with a few Cadenshae best sellers. Sometimes it's really hard to imagine what things will look like until you see them on someone...so hopefully we've inspired you to rummage through your wardrobe and try a new look or two!

All the best you beautiful, stylish mamas - you've totally got this.

Written by Ellen Chisholm.

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